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jazz lecturers

Top Notch education by the best

Greg Torunski

Band Coaching / Jazz Saxophone, Junior Jazz / Applied theory combo

Greg Torunski, has been already noticed with the huge success on the dutch/ge

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Frank Giebels

Jazz Piano / Applied Piano Jazz

“My greatest teachers were honest, critical and not afraid to make choices.

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Sven Heinze

Aural Skills / Theoretical Analysis / Applied Theory Combo

Sven Heinze (*1983) studied Composing/Arranging Jazz with Wolfgang Braun, Mic

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Sigrid Paans

Head of Programme Jazz

Sigrid Paans has been the Head of the Jazz programme at Conservatorium Maastr

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Rob Bruynen

Jazz Trumpet (& Lead Trumpet)

Rob Bruynen (born 1961) has played with countless world-renowned musicians, i

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Maartje Meijer

Choir - Guest teacher

Maartje has studied Jazz Vocals and later on Jazz Piano at the Amsterdam Cons

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levon Harutiunyan

Advanced teaching skills / Methodics Piano (jazz) / Piano (Music in Education)

Levon Leonard (1978), who has a degree in Piano and Composition, teaches Pian

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Roderik Povel

Junior Jazz Vocals / Coordinator Junior Jazz / Band Coaching

Roderik Povel (1976) is a lecturer in Jazz Vocals, Ensemble and Master resear

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Sabine Kühlich

Jazz Vocals / Vocal Skills / Methodology / Master Research Coach

'I love teaching, I love developing each student's individual strong points a

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Wolfgang Braun

Jazz Composing / Arranging / Performing / CAP Modules: Writing for Big Band / Pop, Funk, Fusion / Vocals / "Find Your Own Music" coaching

Wolfgang Braun (born 1967) has studied a vast array of music genres.

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Robert van der Padt

Jazz / Booking Agency

Robert van der Padt is the Booking Agent Jazz Department.

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Ellen Bliek

Jazz Vocals at Junior Jazz Department

Ellen Bliek is a Dutch jazz/pop singer and vocal teacher.

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Ron van Stratum

Jazz Drums / Latin Band Coaching / Percussion & Pulse / Module Advanced Rhythm

Drummer/percussionist, band leader and composer Ron van Stratum (born 1961) h

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Carlo Nardozza

Jazz Trumpet / Band Coaching / Big Band Trumpet section / Big Band

Carlo Nardozza studied music in Maastricht with Rob Bruynen, Claudius Valk an

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Math Scheffer

Jazz Piano / Applied Piano Jazz

Math Scheffer (born 1956) has taught Jazz Piano at Conservatorium Maastricht

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Luke Mitchell

Project Leader Jazz, Opera, Classical Backstage & Booking Agency Classical

The direct connection between the students and the general public, Luke runs

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Jesse Passenier

Composing & Arranging / Master Coordinator / Master Research Coach / Fringe Orchestra / Wanted! Composition Lab

Jesse Passenier is a Dutch composer, unifying principles of jazz and classica

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Sam David Wamper

Jazz Eartraining (temporary replacement Jan Nobbe)

Sam David Wamper studied jazz piano with Frank Giebels and classical piano wi

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Seamus Blake (Guest Teacher)

Jazz Saxophone - Guest Teacher

New York based saxophonist/composer Seamus Blake is recognized as one of the

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Reiner Witzel

Jazz Saxophone / Big Band Sax section

Reiner Witzel , born 1967, studied saxophone at the "Musikhochschule Köln" an

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Frederik Tings

Music Production / Live Sound & Effects / Electronic Music Performance / Producing your own music

Frederik Tings is a musician, producer & composer from Germany, currently

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Joep van Leeuwen

Jazz Guitar / Critical Listening / Band Coaching / Jazzical Ensemble / Jazz History Lectures HOVO

Since 1985, Joep van Leeuwen (born 1955) has taught Jazz Guitar, Combo (cross

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Markus Wienstroer

Jazz / Pop Guitar

Markus Wienstroer (born June 24, 1959 in Dusseldorf) is a German musician, wh

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Susanne Schneider

Jazz Vocals

Vocalist Susanne Schneider has been teaching at Conservatorium Maastricht sin

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Joachim Schönecker

Jazz Guitar

As a leader or as sideman, guitarist Joachim Schönecker has worked with many

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Peter Bernstein

Jazz Guitar / Guest Teacher

As a teacher, Peter Bernstein has been widely involved in New York City and w

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Mike Roelofs

Jazz Piano at Junior Jazz Department

Mike Roelofs is a versatile musician, entangled in the continuous exploration

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Matthias Nowak

Jazz Double Bass / Band Coaching / Applied Theory Combo / Master Research Coach

Matthias has studied orchestral music, jazz and popular music at Musikhochsch

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Maja Jasinska

Flute for saxophonists

Maja Jasinska is a flute player from Poland and gives concerts in the classic

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Richard Didden

Jazz trumpet junior jazz

Richard is a much sought-after trumpeter with national and international band

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Piotr Torunski

Clarinet for Saxophonists

Piotr Torunski is steadily gaining attention as a talented bass clarinet /cla

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Frank Wienk

Main Subject Electronic Music Performance (EMP)

Dutch producer, multi-instrumentalist and composer BINKBEATS – real name Fran

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Hilb Baisha

Junior Jazz / Guitar

Hlib is an innovative musician bringing to jazz new sounds, techniques, and u

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Leon Lhoëst

Arranging / Composing for Film / World Music Composing / Theoretical Analysis

Leon Lhoëst (born 1955) has taught Theoretical Analysis and Aural Analysis at

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Paul Frick

EMP (guest teacher)

Paul Frick teaches the Electronic Music Performance (EMP) students in Extende

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Frans Gulikers

Guitar / Practicum Popmusic / Study Career Guide Jazz / Advanced Teaching Skills & Guitar Methodics Jazz / Academic Council Member

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Arnoud Gerritse

Jazz Drums / Band Coaching / Jazz Rhythmic Solfège

Arnoud Gerritse (born 1957) has been a lecturer in Drums and leader of the bi

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Jo Didderen

Jazz Basic and Advanced Teaching Skills - (Double) Bass

Bassist Jo Didderen is first known for his work with the Mijke Loeven Band an

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John Goldsby

Jazz Double Bass / Band Coaching

Since 1994, John Goldsby has been a member of the Westdeutscher Rundfunk Big

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Hugo Fredrix

Music and Technology and IT / IT

Hugo Fredrix (born 1970) has been a lecturer in Music and Information Technol

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Norbert Kögging

Your Art as a Business

Besides being the YAB-lecturer at the conservatorium, Norbert is managing dir

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Alexander Boerner

Jazz Electric Bass / Band Coaching

Bass guitarist Alexander Boerner (born 1963) has taught Jazz/Pop Bass Guitar

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Jack Coenen

Jazz Trombone / Big Band / Band Coaching

JACK COENEN (1961), trombone

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Lage Lund

Jazz Guitar / Guest Teacher

Lage Lund is acclaimed as one of the finest guitarists of his generation, and

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Esmée Bor Stotijn

Jazz Vocals / Backing Vocals

Esmee Bor (born 1976) teaches Vocals as a main subject in the Jazz department

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Jazz news

Giorgio Stienstra finalist at Conservatorium Talent Award!

5 October 2021

Henriette Hustinx

5 October 2021

Happy as can be now that the fresh winner of the Henriette Hustinx awards 2021 has been announced! Congratulations Katharina Pfeifer. She is a great band leader and creates a magical atmosphere. We are excited to follow your further projects and musical development!






Giorgio Stienstra will compete for the Conservatorium Talent Award 2021

15 September 2021

Electronic Music Performance

1 July 2021

NEW Jazz study programme

Currently electronic musicians everywhere search for ways to include more live elements in their performances and Jazz musicians explore the possibilities of electronic music. 
The EMP (Electronic Music Performance) programme prepares the student to be successful at the junction of those two directions. 
The idea is to get the sound directly out of the head into songs and more importantly also on stage. Produce music on a professional level and then perform it, in new creative ways, with talented musicians. Enabled by all the possibilities that music technology offers. 

Congratulations José Angel Parces Quintet

14 June 2021

Congratulations José Angel Parces Quintet with the Honourable Mention on the Grachtenfestival Jazz Competition Finale!  As a result they will play a concert during this year’s opening of the Grachtenfestival! 


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Jan Nobbe (in memoriam)

7 December 2020

We are deeply saddened by the news of the passing of our highly valued colleague, teacher and friend Jan Nobbe.

Jan amazed and inspired us with his positive view of life and his everlasting involvement with his (former) students and their music. For his 35 years of commitment as our ear training teacher we owe him a great debt of gratitude. He left innumerable musicians with warm memories of his lessons he started in 1985. He was much loved in our community and will be dearly missed.

We invite you to write a message on his memoriam page:

Joep van leeuwen at RTV Maastricht

28 November 2020

In this episode of RTV Maastricht we see Joep van Leeuwen and his International Jazz Trio The Way Back. Joep van Leeuwen has been teaching jazz at the conservatory for 35 years!

Beautiful jazz performance for the elderly at the Kommelkwartier

24 June 2020

Throwback to this beautiful performance for the elderly at the Kommelkwartier. Pierre Vyncke and Peter Willems played a couple of jazzy tunes for a big group of older people in the neighborhood so that they can still enjoy live performances in a safe way!