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Music Production / Live Sound & Effects / Electronic Music Performance / Producing your own music

Frederik Tings


Frederik Tings is a musician, producer & composer from Germany, currently residing in the Netherlands. 

His musical journey led him through many genres. At the age of 16 he recorded his first album. After high school he worked with a film composer duo in Germany. An influence that is very much still alive in his current music. Finally, after a bachelor in jazz music at the Conservatorium Maastricht, Frederik Tings fell in love with electronic music and was immediately at home there.
Straight after his studies he began teaching music production at the Conservatorium in Maastricht and started the development of a new study program (Electronic Music Performance), which he has been teaching since 2020. In his role as a teacher he tries to incorporate as many modern influences as possible and prepare his students for an ever faster changing musical landscape.
Other projects of his include his electronic music solo project ‘Glückskind’ and an electronic pop duo ‘Foreign Bloom’.