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Preparatory Course Bachelor Classical

MEET Mina - Junior Classical

Mina Aoki Girardelli (16), violin

I was born to a Japanese mother and an Italian father, and grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. I first started playing the violin when I was 5. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of studying music in different parts of the world, and have come across so many enriching experiences in music throughout. In 2020, I joined the Young Talent Class and this gives me the chance of studying with a great master like Boris Belkin. To me, music is a universal language that can connect people in so many different ways, without borders of nationality or race. I want to live loving and making music, spread love for it and be a part of its wonderful world.

MEET Tous - Junior Classical⁠

⁠My name is Tous Huijnen, and I play the piano since I was six years old. My piano teachers are Meta Drummen and Tonie Ehlen. Since this year I am part of Junior Classical. I enjoy it very much! ⁠

I love to make music with the other students. In Octobre 2018 I was a soloist in the wind Orchestra of my father. I liked it very much! I like to play in different styles. From Bach, to Bartók and all in between. I love to play the piano and I hope to do it as long as possible. I would like to play in a very big music hall.⁠