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Jazz Vocals / Vocal Skills / Methodology / Master Research Coach

Sabine Kühlich


'I love teaching, I love developing each student's individual strong points and finding out about their artistic insights. It is a daily challenge to help them with all the technical possibilities but also open their minds to the unique art. I love the Estill Voice Training System and often refer to the link between the special quality of sound produced by trainable physiological structures. Playing the piano while a student sings enhances the process of making music in each lesson, and that is what I aim for.'

Sabine Kühlich (born 1973) is a main subject lecturer in Jazz Vocals at Conservatorium Maastricht. Through special theoretical courses like Vocal Skills and Teaching Skills for the teaching minor, she is fully involved in the programme that trains students to become professional jazz singers at Conservatorium Maastricht.

Kühlich also teaches private lessons in Aachen, workshops in Germany, Spain, Greece and NY, and organises a coaching weekend for entrance examinations in Maastricht. She helps to organise workshops with great jazz artists like Sheila Jordan, Kristin Korb, Jay Clayton, Barry Harris and others.

Sabine Kühlich started singing in her twenties. She obtained a degree in Psychology in Würzburg in 1995. After studying Jazz Vocals at Conservatorium Maastricht, she continued her studies in Amsterdam from 2000- 2006 and spent the first half of 2004 in NY at the Manhattan School of Music. In 2011 she became a student once again, in the docARTES programme in Ghent, working towards a doctoral degree in Music by researching the voice, its sounds and physiology in Modern Jazz.

The artists she has worked with include Sheila Jordan, Kristin Korb, Anne Czichowsky, Billy Elgard, Charlie Antolini, Klaus Osterloh, Hubert Winter, Stefan Michalke, Stefan Werni, Adam Rafferty, Yaniv Nachum, Anssi Lehtivuori, John Goldsby, Math Scheffer, Ron van Stratum, Bart de Nolf, Johan Clement, Martin Sasse, Arne van Coillie, Ruud Jacobs, Luc van den Bosch, Sam Vloemans, Jörg Siebenhaar, Tine Schneider and Rudi Engel. She has performed as a session/guest musician with Nils Landgren and Paul Kuhn, among others.

Kühlich is a winner of the prestigious Shure Montreux Jazz Competition (2008). She currently works for the biggest Sponsor SHURE as the regular correspondent and live-blogger during this competition in Montreux. Interviews with the participants, the band and the jury give an impressive insight into the biggest and most influential Jazz Voice competition in Europe. On this blog, you can find videos with interviews and reviews:

Other projects include Lines for Ladies, featuring jazz, swing and bebop. The international project Woman in Jazz in Halle was founded by Kühlich and the fantastic German singer Anne Czichowsky, and features women from the USA, Denmark, Germany, performing in Europe and Turkey, as well as special guests like Sheila Jordan and Kristin Korb. A live CD will be released by HGBS in May 2016.

Album Teaser:

Kühlich also sings in a duo with German pianist Laia Genc, reinterpreting the material of the Dave Brubeck Quartet and following the path of inspiration, presenting original material inspired and influenced by this remarkable quartet. In January 2016, she released a CD called A Tribute to the Great Dave Brubeck on Double Moon:

The Music Village in Brussels, Belgium, is home to the Johan Clement Trio. Johan Clement on piano, Bart de Nolf on Bass and Luc van den Bosch on drums regularly invite Sabine to play in Belgium and the Netherlands. The repertoire varies from jazz classics and standards to original compositions, all treated with the loving attitude of the inspiration of the moment:

While Kühlich was still a student in Amsterdam in 2000, she recorded her very first collection of jazz songs, It Could Happen To You. Her first album with her own material, Fly Away, was composed in New York during the Master programme exchange with the Manhattan School of Music in 2004. Fly Away made the cover of German jazz magazine Jazz Podium in 2006 and opened doors to venues in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. It led to articles, TV-specials by ARTE and WDR, invitations from radio stations in Belgium, Germany and Turkey, and performances at festivals and concerts from South East Asia to the Benelux, Europe and New York. A live recording with two generations of singers, Sheila Jordan & Sabine Kühlich, released in 2008, added depth to the concept of spontaneous improvised music. Her fourth album - a recording with Adam Rafferty (guitar, beatbox, NYC) by Acoustic Music in 2009 - sold very well: Girls meet Guitar. The idea of crossover music, combining pop, soul and jazz, was taken on the road. Here, Sabine shared her passion for performing as a bossa nova saxophone player. Wundascheen – Loverly – plays with the realities of German and American musicians. It was recorded during a tour with Sheila Jordan in 2010, featuring Klaus Osterloh (WDR Bigband) on trumpet, and released in 2012. A live recording with the Johan Clement Trio at the Music Village in Brussels was made in October 2014. Two releases are expected in 2016: in January with Laia Genc on piano and Kühlich once again on sax and voice: A Tribute To The Great Dave Brubeck, and in May 2016: Lines for Ladies Live feat. Sheila Jordan and Kristin Korb.