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Post-Graduate Programme

Contract Education

Please note: this programme is only accessible to alumni of Conservatorium Maastricht. Exceptions can only be made via the Head of Programme of the classical department, depending on availability of our teaching staff and given that you meet the level requirements.

You can follow only main subject lessons with a main subject teacher at Conservatorium Maastricht. We offer these in the form of contract education. You will be charged per lesson.
As a ‘post graduate programme’ student you are not a regular student and you will not take exams or graduate. You will receive a student card and you have access to the study rooms at Conservatorium Maastricht. At the end of your contract studies, you can ask for a certificate (not a diploma).
Non-European contract students can apply for contract education but need to contact the immigration department of Zuyd ( to ask for a ‘zoekjaar’ and a visa. 

In short:
Prerequisite: the contract student has a Bachelor or Master degree in Music from Conservatorium Maastricht.
Application deadline: 1 July 2024
Hourly lesson fee: €125,00 
Duration of lessons: 60 minutes
Minimum number of lessons per year: 15
The student is admissible by the main subject teacher and the Head of Programme Classical.

You do not have to apply through Studielink but instead via this form that you have to send to Twan Bartholomee, Coordinator Master Conservatorium Maastricht:

More information about the regular Classical programme Bachelor or Master. Here you can find more information about teaching staff.