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Erasmus & Exchanges

Performing Worldwide

Conservatorium Maastricht does not only operate at the centre of the Euregion, it is also home to over 42 different nationalities. Students from around the globe opt for our high-quality education, our unique teaching staff, our flexibility in language and study programmes and our people-oriented approach. Many of our graduates go on to have international careers, performing all over the world. All the more reason for us to work actively on the further internationalisation of our activities. We do everything we can to prepare you for an international career, we encourage you - also financially - to spread your wings, we collaborate with foreign conservatoires, venues and cultural institutions, motivate foreign students to study in Maastricht, invite international guest lecturers, but also like to see our teaching staff spread their expertise on an international level.

In order to make this easier for you as a student, but also for teaching staff, we have set up an International Office. You can contact this service centre if you intend to go abroad for your studies, training courses, or to teach. The International Office is also available for questions (including about scholarships) from foreign visitors to Conservatorium Maastricht, whether you are here for an Erasmus+ exchange or to teach masterclasses.

For more information, please contact:

If you would like to know more about our teaching staff, management team or student ambassadors, then surf to our team.

ERASMUS+ exchange at Conservatorium Maastricht     
Conservatorium Maastricht participates in the Erasmus+ exchange programme. The aim of this programme is to stimulate exchanges between students in EU countries as well as Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Turkey. Millions of students have already taken advantage of the Erasmus+ programme. You may be next! Participants get the opportunity to study abroad in another institution or do a work placement abroad for a period of three months, which is officially recognised, so you will be awarded credits. We feel this is a chance you should grab with both hands.

Exchange students of partner universities    
To be accepted as an incoming exchange student, you need to check whether your home university holds or intends to set up an IIA (Inter Institutional Agreement) with Zuyd University of Applied Sciences – Conservatorium Maastricht (the Coordinator of your home university can provide you with this information). The Erasmus+ code for Conservatorium Maastricht is: NL HEERLEN14.

Language requirement    
Do you want to know more about the language requirements we have within Conservatorium Maastricht? Then check this link.

Application procedure: the deadline is 1st of May, meaning it must be completed and submitted in our online portal.

Please note: for the Classical department, you can only apply for the Autumn/Winter Semester (semester 1 of the academic year). For the Jazz department, this depends on which of our students are going on exchange, and sometimes an entire academic year is possible.


How to apply?

Step 1: ask your coordinator at the home institution to send a nomination email to:    
Step 2: You will receive a link to our online portal where you need to apply. Please click the red button for exchange students:

   --------> Answer the question: “Have you previously applied to or studied at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences?”    
--> Fill in the information requested and at the field “request for” please choose “incoming exchange students Conservatorium Maastricht” and create an account.    
--> Answer the questions/provide the info and upload the requested documents (ID, AEC application form including the motivation, links to YouTube videos and a provisional learning agreement). The available courses and credits can be found here.

Requirements video audition    
Length: 15 minutes minimum, 30 minutes maximum.    
Repertoire: no specific requirements, but we advise 2 to 3 pieces of different styles. Each piece should be recorded in one take.     
--> Submit the application.

Early May, Conservatorium Maastricht will forward your audition videos to the main subject teacher(s) concerned for an assessment. The final selection will be made in early June, and we will inform you around 15th June if you are admitted as an exchange student.

The final version of the learning agreement with all signatures must be completed and uploaded by 1 July. Without the uploaded signed learning agreement before the 1st of July, the exchange cannot take place.

For questions, please contact international officer Cassidy Maclear

We wish you good luck and hope to meet and make music with you at Conservatorium Maastricht!