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Rhythm and Melody - Sima Dere's Journey

10 May 2024

Sima Dere recently participated in the remarkable ‘Conservatorium Talent Award’, where she showcased her skills and passion for collaboration. Selected for the competition, she let her talent shine despite the short rehearsal time with the Paradox Jazz Orchestra. Her classical background forms the basis for her future projects and training path. Want to know more about her adventure at Conservatory Talent Award and her future plans ? Then read about Sima Dere's experience in her own words.

Taking part in this competition was an incredible journey for me. Immersing myself in the competition's atmosphere, connecting with fellow musicians, and collaborating with the Paradox Jazz Orchestra have all been truly remarkable experiences. During the competition day, we had a blast on stage and I had the opportunity to interact with many wonderful musicians. I am genuinely delighted with the experience and proud to have represented my school. I had the opportunity to perform with the Paradox Jazz Orchestra after only a brief rehearsal just before the concert. This was intentionally designed to push candidates out of their comfort zones, providing a valuable experience for professional life. In reality, as musicians, we will frequently encounter similar situations, so this served as excellent practice, preparing us for such challenges.

I'm recognizing the significant advantage of my classical background, particularly in honing my ear skills. Possessing a keen sense of hearing greatly aids me in composing and enables me to listen to music more attentively. Additionally, maintaining two distinct mindsets for both creating and performing music provides me with different perspectives on the music I compose and listen to. I'd like to record an album where I play the piano and the drums/percussion parts of my music. It depends on the arrangement of the tunes of course, but I'm imagining the tunes would be in a classical direction with jazz harmonies and instrumentation. I'm interested in recording an album where I perform both piano and drums/percussion parts for my music. The direction of the tunes would likely lean towards classical style, but with jazz-inspired harmonies and instrumentation. I envision it as a collaborative effort that brings together these diverse influences.

I'm planning to continue my education in Maastricht, so next year I'll be playing around in the city a lot! Also, my graduation concert is ahead of me. So the next performance that I'm having is on 19th of June at 15.00 in Kleine Zaal of Muziekgieterij. Everybody is welcome to see my performance, and I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and familiar faces there.

We have high praise for Sima and wish her the best of luck and success with her future plans!

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