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Jazz Vocals

Nadine Nix


Belgian singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and creator of imaginary and musical universes. 

Her musical vision is influenced by her travels and teaching abroad, such as in the Republic democratic of Congo, Nepal, Latvia, Greece…. 
She has a broad experience as a musician/singer/band leader/artistic leader in cross-over projects, such as contemporary theatre and dance projects.  
Nadine’s priority as a teacher is to enable students to find their own way of singing and making art. She encourages young musicians to make their own compositions and shares with enthusiasm her knowledge, craft and experience on how to be a professional artist. 

Harvest - Joe Zawinul / Arrangement Nadine
Nix Nadine Nix : Vocals / Keyboards
Ron van Stratum : Percussion / Keyboards
Audio recording / Mixing : Ron van Stratum
Video recording / Editing : Ron van Stratum
Nadine Nix Drawings / Animation : Nadine Nix

Composed by Nadine Nix
Vocals and keyboards Nadine Nix
Percussions and keyboards Ron van Stratum
Audio mix Ron van Stratum