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In the spotlight – Jazz Student Marloes De Nul

27 June 2024

Photo by Isabel Camps 

In the spotlight – Jazz Student Marloes De Nul - From involvement within Conservatorium Maastricht to international representation

Marloes has just graduated from the Jazz Master's programme and is currently a student at the Music in Education programme (Docent Muziek). With her band “Loes+”, she performs electronic music with Flemish lyrics and has won the Maastricht Jazz Public Award. Alongside her musical passion, Marloes has been actively involved within the CM community, she has been part of the Jazz student council and the academic council and the AEC Goes Green working group. And now she got elected as EPASA  (part of AEC) board member, marking a new step in her involvement. We asked her a few questions. Curious to hear her story? Read on!

Could you tell a little more about yourself?

I am Marloes, just graduated from the Jazz Master programme and currently still a Music in Education programme (Docent Muziek) student. With my band “Loes+” I regularly play in and around Maastricht with my electronic music and Flemish lyrics. With this project, we also won the Maastricht Jazz public award. Besides my great passion for singing and writing music, I have been committed to student representation for years. The last two years I was head of the Jazz student council, I co-wrote the school's social safety policy, and I am part of the AEC goes green working group where I collaborate on research about climate policy in European Conservatories.

How did you come to be considered for EPASA. And why did you apply for this position?
Through my job at the European Association of Conservatoires (AEC), I came in contact with the European Performing Arts Student Association (EPASA) at the various congresses. I had tremendous admiration for the work they do and stood for election this year. In May, I was elected as a board member at this year's annual congress held in Ghent.

Can you tell us a little more about EPASA and what your role in it will be?
EPASA represents conservatory students and their recent graduates within Europe. We advocate for the performing and creative arts as a crucial element in society. EPASA is affiliated with the AEC and regularly speaks at their conferences connecting, motivating, inspiring and helping student representatives with common concerns. EPASA helps student representation systems and gives them tools to support their functions. EPASA is affiliated with the AEC and guides student representatives through their congresses. Furthermore, EPASA organizes an annual conference where students from conservatories present, brainstorm and talk about current issues facing conservatories. Now that I am a board member, I will work with the association, help students with their representation systems and help advocate for the rights of the performing art student. More information about EPASA? 
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What does this selection mean to you personally and professionally?
After five years on the Student Council here, it was time for a new step, I have learned a tremendous amount about policymaking and student representation here. I feel honoured to now be part of a group of committed and passionate people who are working for the issues I have been advocating for some time in Conseratorium Maastricht. I get the fantastic opportunity to continue my work on a European level that I find incredibly exciting. I look back on my time in our Student Council as an extremely educational experience and am grateful for the opportunities I was given here to grow into organizations like this.

One example is my presence as a representative for our Conservatory at the Pop Jazz Platform in Odense, Denmark, organized by the AEC. Then I wrote this report on the conference.

Will your role within EPASA also impact/reach CM? Tell how do you envision that?
Sure! In the Conservatory, I am still active in the academic council and as a listening student in the social safety working group. Here I regularly take input from the AEC and EPASA, the way other Conservatories deal with similar dilemmas and issues provide inspiration for our institute. Furthermore, conversely, I can regularly share our best practices as a good example within the European working groups.

Marloes's journey is a testament to her dedication to music and student representation. Her work with EPASA and AEC will undoubtedly bring valuable insights and advancements to Conservatorium Maastricht. We look forward to seeing the positive impact of her efforts both locally and across Europe.

Photo by Alex Schröder (taken at congress AEC in The Hague)

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