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Electric Bass (Guest Teacher)

Louise van den Heuvel


Louise van den Heuvel (born 15th of January 1997, ’s Gravenhage) is a Dutch bass player, composer and teacher at the Conservatory of Leuven (LUCA) currently residing in Brussels, Belgium. She graduated cum laude from the Koninklijk Conservatorium van Brussel in 2021 with a focus on the renovation of sound by mixing modern music technologies and effect pedals. She applies these to her compositions that find their roots in the modern electronic jazz scene. She is also looking for ways to integrate rhythmical concepts and practices based on the teaching methods of drummer Stephane Galland and pianist Malcolm Braff into her playing and her compositions.
Louise has collaborated with renowned artists like Zwangere Guy and co-founded the innovative Krautjazz band Dishwasher. She recently released her debut album with Dishwasher in April 2023. Additionally, Louise is part of the Rhythm Hunters and The Gallands, alongside drummer Stéphane Galland. She is also a member of the neo-soul group Stace. With the support of JazzLab and record label De Werf, Louise formed her own project called Sonic Hug, featuring renowned artists Hendrik Lasure, Sam Comerford and Daniel Jonkers. Together they have recorded her compositions and are scheduled to tour in April and May 2024.

Photo by Bjorn Comhaire