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MEET Simone - (first year student) Music in Education

My name is Simone Thijssen. I am 17 years old and I am currently following the first year of the Music in Education course.

Before I started in the first year, I participated in the junior Music in Education programme. I combined this easily with my high school. My passion for music started much earlier. From an early age I sang all day long and from the age of 9 I started playing the guitar. I have always enjoyed doing this as a hobby. Starting since secondary school, music became more than a hobby for me and I was also able to gain quite a bit of stage experience.

I would like to offer other children the same wonderful time as I have had. That is why the role as a music teacher appeals to me very much.

During my participation in the junior trajectory I was able to develop myself in piano, singing and theory. Now that I'm in my first year, I still notice the benefits of this. Besides the fact that it's great that I already knew a number of teachers and students, I also notice that I have a good foundation and that I can follow the course very well. During the junior programme you really have the time to experience the pleasant atmosphere at school and to be able to develop yourself as well as possible.