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(Ortho) Pedagogics

Maureen Poell

Music in Education

Maureen lectures in (Ortho) Pedagogics at the bachelor Music in Education. For her, music and pedagogy is a golden combination. As a kid she grew up in a musical family and learned how to play the piano and clarinet. In the past years she switched to saxophone and plays in a classical orchestra in Brabant. When she was 17 she had to choose between two bachelors: conservatorium and pedagogy and chose both: the bachelor Pedagogy and a minor – specialization process – in music. After that she started the Master Ecological Pedagogy and did a practical scientific research to the meaning and experience of music for pedagogues, from a phenomenological perspective. She experienced how important it is to speak other languages than only a spoken language: children can speak over 100 different languages, like the language of music.

Next to her job in Maastricht Maureen is also working as a teacher and coach at the Hogeschool Utrecht, at the Bachelor Ecological Pedagogy, where she also teaches music in combination with pedagogy. In the years after she graduated she worked in the child- and adolescent psychiatry, in special primary education, with children who dropped out at school and worked with families in parenting support.