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Are you a young, talented musician with a passion for music, and can't you wait to start preparing for your music studies? Conservatorium Maastricht offers you this unique opportunity: Junior Conservatorium Maastricht. We bring young musicians together in an inspiring and challenging environment, where they are encouraged and supported in developing their talents to the full. We offer weekly group lessons and tutoring by main subject teachers. Junior Conservatorium Maastricht offers tailor-made talent development.

“Music will change your future and we can offer you everything you need”

Junior Conservatorium Maastricht is run by a team of highly motivated teachers with a wealth of experience in coaching young talent. We offer a practice-based learning environment and close collaboration with peers. All group lessons are taught on Saturdays, creating a vibrant hub of young talent. Junior students from all departments meet in projects throughout the year. Meeting people from other departments or taking a peek at what goes on there can easily be arranged. Taking part in concerts and competitions is a vital part of the programme. Excursions and concert visits are on the curriculum as well. We work together with music school and private tutors and secondary schools for various parts of the programmes.

Options within Junior Conservatorium Maastricht
Just like the Bachelor's and Master's programmes at Conservatorium Maastricht, Junior Conservatorium Maastricht has three different departments:
Junior Classical Music, Junior Jazz, and Junior Music in Education:

Junior Classical (Young Talent Class)  is a programme for passionate, classically-oriented musicians (ages 10 - 18). The Junior Classical curriculum consists of weekly theory and instrumental group lessons, ensemble playing, instrumental/vocal coaching, and individual main subject lessons. Junior Classical is taught in English, making it suitable not just for Dutch students, but for young people from all around the world.

Junior Jazz is a programme for jazz-oriented musicians aged 14 to 18.  The Junior Jazz curriculum centres around performance, theory and musicology, offered in weekly group lessons. In addition to these group lessons in Band, Jazz Theory in Context, Jazz Rhythm, and Voice Training, students are offered individual main subject lessons. Like the Jazz Bachelor's programme, Junior Jazz is all about performing and ensemble playing. Students will spend most of their time playing or singing. Junior Jazz is taught in English, making it suitable not just for Dutch students, but for young people from all around the world.

Junior Music in Education (Junior Docent Muziek) is a programme for broadly oriented musicians in the upper years of secondary education. These are students who dream of conveying their passion for music to children or teenagers as music teachers, musical leaders or coaches. The Junior Music in Education curriculum includes weekly group lessons in theory and ear training. All students have individual singing lessons and piano or guitar lessons. Depending on the number of enrolments, we may offer band workshops as well. Students also have the option of joining the Music in Education choir on Wednesday afternoons. Junior Music in Education prepares you for one of the best music teacher training programmes in the Netherlands.

Prospects after Junior Conservatorium Maastricht
Junior Conservatorium Maastricht supports students who have the ambition of applying for a higher education music programme. The Junior Conservatorium programme helps students to achieve the level required for admission to the Bachelor's programme. Students who have taken part in the Junior Conservatorium programme and have been admitted to the Bachelor's degree, should be able to do the first year of the Bachelor's programme without any difficulty. You will find more information about the career prospects of the Bachelor's programmes at Conservatorium Maastricht under ‘Our Studies’.



Practical information:
Time: Weekly on Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00 (group lessons in theory and performance); individual main subject lessons by appointment. 
Language: The group lessons of the Junior Classical and Junior Jazz programmes are taught in English. The Junior Music in Education group lessons are taught in Dutch. 
Age: Junior Classical (ages 10 - 18) Junior Jazz (ages 14-18) Junior Music in Education (upper school of secondary education).
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Start of school year
: September 
Location: Junior Classical: Bonnefantenstraat 15 Maastricht - Junior Jazz & Junior Music in Education: Franciscus Romanusweg 90 Maastricht 

If you would like to join Junior Conservatorium Maastricht, you need to take an audition. The first stage of the audition involves submitting a video of you playing or singing. The second stage is a face-to-face audition day to assess your performance, ear and motivation. Apply now to participate in academic year 2023/2024.
More information about the application procedure and admission requirements can be found here and on the Junior department page (ClassicalJazzMusic in Education).
Questions? Send an email to Puck Brouwers (Coordinator of Junior Conservatorium Maastricht):

Taster Classes:
To experience what Junior Conservatorium Maastricht is like, you can join the lessons.
If you are interested in these taster classes, please contact Puck Brouwers (Coordinator of Junior Conservatorium Maastricht):

For more information you can contact
Puck Brouwers (Coordinator of Junior Conservatorium Maastricht):

Puck Brouwers


Partner schools
Junior Conservatorium Maastricht has six affiliated partner schools within the Limburg region. These secondary schools pay extra attention to music and offer students with a talent for music a special programme to help them prepare for the Junior Conservatorium Maastricht courses. Conservatorium Maastricht has a partnership with the following schools:
Bonnefanten College Maastricht  (also a DAMU school)
Valuas College in Venlo (also a DAMU school)
Broekhin College in Roermond
If you would like to become one of our partner schools please contact Puck Brouwers via