Junior Jazz Conservatorium Maastricht


Would you like to learn to play, create and improvise music? Apply to the Jazz School of the Junior Conservatorium!

Have you discovered a love of music and an instrument, and decided to prepare for your future music studies? Conservatorium Maastricht is the right place for you!

Get the very best out of your instrument, make music without rigid frameworks, write your own music and, first and foremost, develop your own sound. At the Jazz School, you will have lessons with top teachers every Saturday. In addition, you will prepare for the entrance exam of our Bachelor's program in jazz.

studying music in all its varieties. Pop, Rock, RnB, Rap, Soul, Funk, Latin, Fusion, Blues, Folk, etc.; they are all linked to eachother in one way or the other. Studying Jazz is the perfect way to understand everything there is to know about these modern musical genres.

Jazz has many liberties compared to other styles of music. After all, you improvise and create! You compose and build a personal sound. This requires a great and thorough knowledge of the structure of jazz music and its building blocks. You will take that structure apart and learn to build it back up to make a musical sculpture of your own.


When you apply, we will first arrange an introductory meeting and a (free) trial lesson with one of our teachers to see if you're up to the job.

The course includes lessons such as:

Band, Jazz theory in Context (J-tic), the Origin of Jazz and Voice Training, supporting the individual development of each student: Besides the 29 group lessons you will get 10 individual lessons.

This is the Jazz Performance Ensemble. You study repertoire and prepare for a concert with a coach, working on every aspect of jazz music imaginable; timing & phrasing, form, comping, voicings, improvisation, dynamics, and so on.

Jazz-TIC: Jazz Theory in Context
In this lesson you will be exploring the theoretical structure of Jazz Music in a hands-on way. Discovering the harmonic and melodic “spices” of Jazz and training aural skills are the core elements of this lesson.

Jazz Rhythm
The single most important aspect of jazz music may well be it’s rhythm. In this lesson we will cover the basics of this music, you will learn about the miraculous phenomenon “swing”, you will study frequently used riffs and patterns, improve your sight reading skills, analyse tunes, etc. Using your arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, head and voice!

Voice Training
Whether you are a vocalist or an instrumentalist, singing is the perfect way to experience what music is really about. After all, the voice is the only instrument that is also a body part! In this course you will learn to use your voice to support your musical development. You will practise basic techniques, sing together and gain awareness of harmony, melody, rhythm and dynamics using this wonderful instrument.

The Origin of Jazz
Listening to interesting jazz recordings, watching concerts and discovering which styles are played and where these are from are a fixed part of the lessons.

Excursions and concert attendance are also part of the programme and there are frequent additional masterclasses or workshops that are open to the Jazz School students of the Junior Conservatorium!

Practical information

4 periods of 7/8 weeks on Saturdays between 10:00 - 14:00 from September till May, and therefore does not clash with secondary school timetables or school holidays. It is possible to join in later.

The Jazz School is intended for secondary school students from the age of around 14 and up who want to play jazz, and for students who want to take the entrance examination for the Bachelor's degree programme.

The programme strives to cooperate with private and music school teachers, and with secondary education, as much as possible.

Download the tuition fees for Junior Conservatorium Maastricht in English. The Jazz School receives financial support from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences within the framework of talent development. Ask about the options for extended individual lessons!

If you want to apply, please contact Roderik Povel for an introductory meeting and a (free) trial lesson with one of our teachers, even if you are unsure whether you are ready to play in a band or have enough basic knowledge of your instrument to apply.

For more information contact:
Roderik Povel
Coordinator Jazz School Conservatorium Maastricht+316 245 28 758

Apply as soon as possible for the start of the course in the next academic schoolyear 2016/2017!

Teaching staff
Tim Daemen- J-TIC/Band
Roderik Povel- Jazz Rhythm, Origin of Jazz
Greg Torunski- J-TIC/Band

Ellen Bliek - Voice Training
Jos Heutmekers - J-TIC
Marc Huynen - Band

Jazz School Junior Conservatorium Maastricht

  • Musical preparation to an international standard
  • Play in a jazz band every week!
  • Lessons by young top musicians who are active professionals
  • Free participation in various jazz projects, workshops and concerts
  • Inspiring team environment & personal monitoring
  • Depending on the participants, the lessons may also be offered in English!
  • Some scholarships are available for brass players!